"Elettik Ishker", "Aiym komok" were presented to the population in regional centers, cities and villages of our Republic together with local governments

OJSC MCC "Entrepreneurship Development Fund" on a regular basis, together with local governments, holds meetings with the population in regional centers, cities and villages of our Republic.

Once again, in March, employees of OJSC MCC "Entrepreneurship Development Fund" organized a meeting with the population in such regional centers as: Batken, Osh, Jalal-Abad, Karakol, Talas. Also, in the cities: Zhayyl, Kara-Balta, Tokmok, Kemin. A trip to the Naryn region is planned soon, where information and presentation work will be carried out.

The main purpose of such meetings with the public is to make it easier for clients to obtain a loan by providing information about the activities of our Company, as well as bringing to the attention of clients about the various promotions held by OJSC MCC “Entrepreneurship Development Fund” on loans and the alignment of our entire product line.

For example, there is currently a campaign on loans for the development of livestock and crop production at 14% per annum, with the support of the Ministry of Finance of the Kyrgyz Republic, which started on 03/01/2023 and will last until 06/30/2023. Also, in our Company there are many interesting and profitable products, such as: "Elettik ishker", "Aiym komok".

More about our products:

"Elettik Ishker" loans at 16% per annum.

These products are designed for various types of business activities, such as: farming, animal husbandry, crop production, fisheries development, woolen products manufacturing, light and food industry development, service sector development, collection of medicinal herbs, preparation of dried fruits, cultivation and collection of nuts, pistachios, almond, etc., beekeeping, dairy production, animal feed production, natural soap production, berry jam production, natural juice production, etc.

In general, the full range of activities of the population for rural areas is covered. After all, the main mission of OJSC MCC “Entrepreneurship Development Fund” is to organize affordable loans for rural residents at favorable interest rates and create as many jobs as possible, this is the main task of our sole Shareholder, represented by the Ministry of Finance of the Kyrgyz Republic.

"Aiym-Komok" loans at 16% per annum.

Also, our Company pays great attention to women's entrepreneurship, as in modern society, women have become more actively integrated into business processes, thereby making a great contribution to the creation of our economy.

In order to support women's entrepreneurship, our company has developed this product for the development of textile and clothing production, the production of bakery, confectionery and tortilla products, the production of genuine leather products, the production of felt and felt products, the development of light and food industries, the production of various goods , milk processing, production of dairy products, rice cleaning, production of vegetable oil, flour, production of pasta, production of drinks and nectars, production of sausages, production of handicrafts, handicraft production, production and sale of souvenirs, production of furniture, containers, processing of agricultural - economic raw materials, development of tourism, greenhouse production, greenhouse floriculture, development of the beauty and health industry, opening of a kindergarten and educational centers, production of sweets and chocolate, etc.

Of course, our Company could not but react to last year's situation in the Batken region. The Board of the Company, together with the Ministry of Finance of the Kyrgyz Republic, which is our shareholder, decided to issue loans below the current interest rates of OJSC MCC “Entrepreneurship Development Fund” for entrepreneurs who are engaged in small and medium-sized businesses, thereby helping the residents of Batken to further prosperity and the creation of our border areas, because the integrity of our country depends on this.

We always try to serve our customers with high quality, providing them with favorable interest rates, and also pay special attention to the study of the field of entrepreneurship, which allows us to increase the product line.

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