MEMORANDUM on cooperation between OJSC MCC "Entrepreneurship Development Fund" and ALE "Business Association ZhIA"

06/01/2023, a Memorandum of mutually beneficial cooperation was signed between OJSC MCC "Entrepreneurship Development Fund" represented by the Chairman of the Board Medetov Ishenbek Bektursunovich and the ALE "Business Association ZhIA" represented by the Executive Director Azzambek Jeenbay uulu. During the meeting, the parties exchanged views on further cooperation and discussed issues related to communication between the two organizations.

The priority issue, as Medetov Ishenbek Bektursunovich noted, is the assistance and development of entrepreneurs in rural areas, which is one of the main important areas of OJSC MCC "Entrepreneurship Development Fund" and the Shareholder represented by the Ministry of Finance of the Kyrgyz Republic.

Azzambek Jeenbai uulu introduced the activities of the JIA Business Association ALE, stressed the importance of bilateral cooperation, which will ultimately have a positive impact on the development of entrepreneurial activity in the Kyrgyz Republic.

The parties also agreed to create a new product for entrepreneurs, which will cover any entrepreneurial activity permitted by the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic, focused on the competent conduct of business through education and training from the ALE "Business Association ZhIA".

Within the framework of this Memorandum, the Parties agreed to take joint actions to solve the following tasks:

  • provision and exchange of information related to the development of small and medium-sized businesses;
  • consultation on issues related to the activities of the Parties and of mutual interest;
  • interaction in the development and implementation of business projects aimed at supporting promising start-ups;
  • cooperation in training and information support for small and medium-sized businesses, including start-ups, women's and regional entrepreneurs, as well as business entities with the participation of people with disabilities;
  • assistance in organizing and holding seminars, business forums, round tables, meetings, trainings and exhibitions;
  • joint preparation and use of audio and video materials, videos, presentations, interviews and reports for distribution through the media and social networks;
  • promotion of the image and brands of the Parties among entrepreneurs and the population of the country.

The parties wished each other success in their work and further development of bilateral relations.

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