Information presentation in the regions and cities of Kyrgyzstan

To date, employees of OJSC MCC “Entrepreneurship Development Fund” are conducting an information and presentation trip to such cities as Osh, Batken, Jala-Abad, Kemin, Zhayil district, Kara-Balta city, Karakol. The meeting is held with representatives of local government authorities, as well as with citizens who are engaged in entrepreneurship, animal husbandry, or want to develop their business, start their own business.

Employees of the microcredit company familiarize themselves with the activities of the Entrepreneurship Development Fund, tell in as much detail as possible about the development strategy, familiarize them with loan products, and also tell in detail about the campaign - loans at 14% per annum for the development of crop and livestock production, which is supported by the Ministry of Finance Kyrgyz Republic from March 1 to April 30, 2023.

Those present attentively listen to the presentation and actively ask various questions regarding the list of documents for obtaining various loans. Each meeting with entrepreneurs and other citizens takes place in a vast environment, and ends successfully!

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