List of required documents for consideration of a loan application

For Borrower/Pledgor/Guarantor:

  • Application for a loan (standard form) is filled in the Fund.
  • Copy of the passport of the applicant/pledger/guarantor and spouses.
  • A copy of the marriage registration certificate of the applicant, pledgor, guarantor, if there is a marriage.
  • Copy of registration certificate person / private entrepreneur / patent and permits for this type of activity (if necessary).
  • Report on salary/pension/benefits, etc.
  • Business plan (standard form), for entrepreneurs and agricultural producers on loans over 300,000 soms.
  • Copies of title documents confirming the applicant/pledger's ownership of real or movable property (purchase/exchange/donation/transfer agreement, resolution, certificate of ownership, state act of the land plot, certificate, technical passport, coupon, invoice and etc.).
  • Certificate from the authorized state body on the absence of an arrest on the property offered as collateral.
  • Certificate of residence and family composition, additionally for agricultural producers on the availability of agricultural land and livestock.
  • As the need arises and depending on the type of activity, the Fund may require additional information and documentation from the borrower.